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the-snowman.com is the home of Mountain View Technologies, Inc. - a leader in the development and application of appropriate technologies for the ski resort marketplace. Please visit the Products and Services sections for details on the types of technologies offered by Mountain View Technologies.

In addition to featuring Mountain View Technologies, the snowman.com aims to be an invaluable resource on all aspects of snowmaking, appropriate renewable energy and sustainable technologies. Keep an eye on the Research page for snowmaking information, upcoming articles and technical data on snowmaking and renewable energy technologies. Check out the page Links for an interesting array of snowmaking and renewable energy resources.

Our principal has written numerous articles related to snowmaking, snowmaking systems and infrastructure over the years. Everyone needs the unbiased expert for the reality check provided by 30 years of experience in the ski area and snowmaking industry.

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Recent News:

For 2013 the-snowman.com is expanding into renewable and sustainable energy technologies that are appropriate for the resort industry. We are offering an extremely interesting technology in our product line from Energenx. This product is extraordinary in its capabilities for renewing and rejuvenating batteries that are normally used in the ski resort environment. This is one product that will exceed your expectations! See Chargers on the Product page for more information. This line of chargers was recently featured in the New Products section of SAM magazine.

Check out our article on early season snowmaking preparations for effective operations Get Ready in SAM November 2012 issue. A must read for snowmaking supervisors and managers!

We continue to offer our Snowmaking Energy Index (SEI) services package whose purpose is to raise your snowmaking system efficiency and productivity another notch or two. The next step for managers and system supervisors to be a step ahead of future trends. We will provide more specific information in the near future, for now see our Snowman Newsletter and the November 2010 SAM SEI. The SEI is an important part of MVT's ongoing commitment to raising the awareness of the snowmaking industry to ever improving energy savings and system performance derived from technology, education and experience. We are celebrating 30 years of innovation and progress in the snow making industry. Let us share our vision with you!

We have added two articles from our Simple Snow series of information/education on snowmaking - this material has never been published, but used extensively in seminars at LMS in Massachusetts. We are planning to expand this offering as time and ambition permits.We have also added a Snow Density procedure download, which allows the expert snowmaker a simple method for measuring the density of manmade snow.

Latest LMS Snowmaking Seminar Jiminy Peak 2013 The Compleat Snowmaker

Dissa and Data:

For the beginning or technically challenged snowmaker we continue to offer the highly rated and popular Wet Bulb Temperature calculator and Excel download on our Research page. Check this out! The only downloadable snowmaking wet bulb temperature calculator on the web.

We continue to offer our services and wide experience for a multitude of snowmaking projects including; snowmaking system design and analysis, snowmaking testwork, snow tubing and cross-country snowmaking systems along with special projects and investigations.

If you would like more information on the-snowman.com, Mountain View Technologies, Inc. or have snowmaking needs, please proceed to the Contact section. We apologize for the lack of ads, popups and fancy graphics on this site. If you are disturbed by this fact please contact us.

Updated 04/15/2013