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The Snowman Newsletter – Spring 2013

Winter 2012 – 2013 After the long hot summer of 2012 there was much concern as to how the weather patterns for the early snowmaking season would play out, given the temperatures experienced during the previous winter of 2011. The long range weather forums were playing with their various computer models throughout the late summer and into early October, unable to make heads or tails of the stagnant weather pattern. The forecasters on the AccuWeather forum eventually admitted that the current forecast models were basically unreliable beyond a two to three day forecast outlook. Frustration to a very high degree! This fact dramatically points out the failings of the current crop of long range forecast computer models.

In actuality, reasonable snowmaking temperatures were realized through a good portion of November, allowing ski areas in the Northeast to pump 40% to 50% of their normal seasonal water output. December 2012 for the Northeast turned out to be a weaker replay of 2012. For a more comprehensive look at November and December of this year and prior years go to the following:                                         

It is interesting to note that the majority of ski areas in this neck of the woods overcompensated their snowmaking production during January and February, laying down way more snow than normal – a simple over reaction to the prior winter, but at what cost? Next winter, in January, the-snowman will again provide a real world update of the winter’s progress.

Winter 2013 – 2014 So after a prolonged period of the touted AGW, are we in for a change in weather pattern? It is a known fact that the seasonal weather patterns are heavily influenced by the sun’s output. This output is variable and cyclical, and in conjunction with other factors, many of which are unknown, impacts the amount of total energy that this planet receives. Weather forecasting, as a science, continues to develop its long range forecasting techniques gathering more and more data in an effort to be accurate (valid). The prior two winters have shown that these techniques (computer models) are still woefully inadequate. So, taking a contrarian position in the AGW debate, let us forecast a cooling trend for the next decade starting with this winter. FYI, go back in the weather records to 1975 to 1985 – the big chill! Can it happen again? Don’t bet against it!

EnergenX Battery Chargers…  The EnergenX battery chargers have been demonstrated by the-snowman at several ski areas and various Trade Shows over the past year with, at times, amazing results. As an example, four 12 volt 100 Amp-Hr deep-cycle marine batteries that had failed/were unable to be charged by standard shop chargers were brought back to usable condition using a 10A-12 EnergenX charger. These batteries were then load tested and passed with great voltage and charge capacity.      

 In another instance four NIMH power packs (Miner Lights used for night snowmaking) were pulled from the recycle bin and processed with a 1AU EnergenX charger. These power packs were rejuvenated to the point where they could be used for a full night time snowmaking shift. Based on these results several chargers have been ordered this spring. Hard to believe until you witness the chargers in action.  The-snowman will be demonstrating these chargers at the LMS seminar Jiminy Peak. Contact MVT for further information. See the following links for battery test charts. Interstate Rejuve , Miner Rejuve .


LMS Seminar… This seminar series for lift maintenance and snowmaking personnel has been in action for 36 years.  It is the most valuable educational and informational event for your full time lift and snowmaking staff with an extensive list of experienced lecturers and presenters. Something there for all! Be there April 16, 17 and 18, 2013. Contact Dave Kenney at .

Browser Based Lift Information… This past season MVT extended the ski area information network for Mountain Operations by providing read-only lift data (real time) to an internal network. In this instance the browser based snowmaking system displayed wind speed and direction data for specific lift towers allowing management to see the real time wind conditions. The modern Lift systems are all PLC based with a multitude of available data waiting to be used to advantage by technology savvy managers. This approach allows immediate access of critical mountain information to all operation staffs! Very cool! Contact us today for More Information…

Contact… Mountain View Technologies and the Snowman have provided innovative, practical and technology based solutions for over 25 years. Let our experience and expertise work for you and your area in providing solid design and management tools that will create a positive impact on your snowmaking production, energy demand and operational costs.



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